British Locksmith Federation

The British Locksmit Federation (BLF) has been developed to provide independent, trustworthy and reputable information about locksmiths in the UK.

We Individually analyse each locksmith company

And their engineers before they become members of the British Locksmith Federation. We check for standards of work, customer reviews, Companies House Data and business premises data so that when choosing a locksmith company on this site you can be confident that you are doing what you can to find a reputable locksmith for your needs.

You can be reassured that being a member of the BLF mean you avoic scammers! Our vetting scheme means you can get a competent, experienced and qualified locksmith to carry out locksmith work.


Locksmiths - Make sure your details are up to date on BLF to get local work.

Latest news:

A revolutionary patented cylinder lock range has been produced with a lifetime trademark by HOPPE. The cylinders can be any length which means it offers an unrivalled level of security togther with the highest standards.


  • Always ask for a fixed quotation to avoid any nasty price inceases
  • If it sounds too cheap then avoid as they may just drill and change
  • A good locksmith should try and pick the lock first
  • Get personal recommendations to find a good locksmith